Once In A While…

Once in a while I come across something so good it feels like it came out of a different world. This happens more often with music, because I’m always hungrily searching for new stuff.

Most of the time I come across artists whose work may be good, but I feel like I can tell what they’ve been listening to. Nothing bores me more than coming across a band and thinking I bet I can name your top five favorite albums. But occasionally I come across an artist or group who, when I listen to them, I think What the hell have you been listening to? Where did you even come up with these ideas? 

Case in point: Porcupine Tree. I mean, one can tell they’ve heard some Pink Floyd, but there’s absolutely nothing derivitave in their sound. It’s something totally new and interesting.  (And then you have Riverside, whose top five albums, I bet, are all by Porcupine Tree.)

Eventually I’ll make a playlist of albums that I feel this way about–once I come up with a good title for it.

For now, here’s my latest astoundingly good discovery: the album, In The Rainbow Rain, by Okkervil River. It’s beautifully recorded, so listen through your good headphones so you can savor the the variety of smooth, crackly, mellow, boxy, and washy textures. If you want a sample, the first track that caught my attention was “Pulled Up The Ribbon”. But if you’re a lyrics lover, I’d start with the dark, surreally beautiful opening track, “Famous Tracheotomies”.

Check out In The Rainbow Rain, by Okkervil River on Apple Music, or YouTube, or Spotify.

Edit: Turns out the lyric video for “Famous Tracheotomies” is incredible. Check it out here.



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Michael Glawson

Ethics, policy, & ideas geek. Alt-Ac Ph.D. Épater la bourgeoisie. ⛎

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